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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/11/23 - Pregnant and powerless in Missouri

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STL Public Radio, 8/3/23 - St. Peters Amazon employees file OSHA complaint saying work conditions caused injuries

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/11/23 - Amazon needs to remember its workers on 'Prime Day'

Fox4, 6/29/23 - Sherman, low-wage workers weigh in on Royals labor negotiations

KCTV5, 6/29/23 - Royals CEO to answer questions on new stadium, community concerns over the move

Total Information AM, 6/26/23 - US Senate Committee has launched an investigation into working conditions at Amazon warehouses

Guardian, 6/24/23 - 'We're going to keep fighting': delivery workers stand up to Amazon

Royals Review, 6/21/23 - The entire Royals organization is a mess right now

STLPR, 6/20/23 - Amazon warehouse workers in St. Peters call on company to provide safer working conditions

KCUR, 6/16/23 - Kauffman Stadium workers file federal labor charges against the Kansas City Royals

Royals Review, 6/16/23 - Royals Rumblings - News for June 16, 2023 

KCUR, 6/15/23 - Kansas City Royals accused of 'stalling' deal that would secure worker benefits for new stadium

Fox4, 6/14/23 - Royals confirm they're down to two stadium locations

KMBC9, 6/14/23 - Good Jobs and Affordable Housing for All coalition holds rally for strong CBA

KSHB41, 6/14/23 - Stand Up KC urges community benefits agreement negotiations with Royals

KSHB41, 6/14/23 - Workers, faith and labor leaders hold Kansas City Royals accountable

KCTV5, 6/14/23 - Activist group rallies for benefits from Royals downtown stadium

KSHB41, 6/2/23 - SNAP recipient reacts to expanded work requirements in debt ceiling deal

KCUR, 5/25/23 - Mayor Quinton Lucas says we are in a 'tragic time in American politics' amidst anti-trans laws

KCTV5, 5/24/23 - St. Peters warehouse worker takes safety message to Amazon shareholders

Bloomberg Law, 5/24/23 - Amazon Shareholders Reject Union Rights, Climate Proposals

Fox2, 5/24/23 - Amazon workers seeking safety audit today

Seattle Times, 5/24/23 - Amazon investors reject proposals on worker safety, climate impact

St. Louis American, 5/20/23 - Taking on Amazon

Riverfront Times, 5/11/23 - New 'Workers Opera' Is About How Much Working For Amazon Sucks

KCUR, 5/1/23 - Stadiums are usually bad deals for cities. Kansas City unions want the Royals' to be an exception

KSDK, 4/24/23 - St. Peters warehouse Amazon workers demand clean drinking water, breathable bathrooms

KMOV4, 4/24/23 - Workers concerned over drinking water at St. Charles Amazon facility

KC Star, 2/2/23 - ‘Life changing.’ Kansas City Royals say union labor will build new downtown stadium

Vice, 2/1/23 - OSHA Cites 3 Amazon Warehouses for Unsafe Working Conditions

The Telegraph, 2/1/23, OSHA cites Amazon facilities for ergonomic violations

The Edwardsville Intelligencer, 2/1/23 - OSHA cites Amazon facilities for ergonomic violations

Seattle Times, 2/1/23 - OSHA finds Amazon failed to keep warehouse workers safe

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KWCH12 (Wichita), 1/31/23 - Royals narrow down possible locations for new ballpark district

KMBC9, 1/31/23 - Royals ownership says it's down 4 to 5 locations for new stadium

KSHB41, 1/31/23 - Kansas City Royals narrow down potential site for $2B ballpark district to 4 to 5 locations

KCTV5, 1/31/23 - Royals narrow down possible locations for new ballpark district

Fox4, 1/31/23 - Royals narrow 14 potential downtown stadium sites down to 5

STL Post-Dispatch, 1/30/23 - More workers are trying to unionize in St. Louis. A shift in the tide for labor?

KC Star, 1/16/23 - She was making $8.50 an hour. This Kansas City woman fights for a living wage for all

2022 Press

Wired, 12/20/22 - Tired, Filthy, and Overworked: Inside Amazon’s Holiday Rush

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Fox4, 12/13/22 - KC-area workers’ unions respond to proposed Kauffman Stadium move, potential impact

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KC Star, 12/13/22 - Private funds will pay for a ‘bulk’ of Royals’ new stadium downtown, Sherman says

KCTV5, 12/13/22 - Royals hold community event regarding planned move downtown

STLPR, 12/7/22 - The workers behind Starbucks and Amazon strikes in St. Louis

STL/S.Ill Labor Tribune, 12/5/22 - St. Louis Amazon workers walk out, join international Black Friday strike to demand safer working conditions, better pay

Business Insider, 12/4/22 - 10 years ago they were fast food workers making roughly $8 an hour. 'Fight for 15' changed their lives.

The Real News, 11/28/22 - 10 years later, the fight for $15 and a union continues

CBS, 11/28/22 - Amazon workers in 30 other countries protest on Black Friday

People’s World, 11/28/22 - Missouri workers join worldwide strike against Amazon

News on 6, 11/27/22 - Amazon workers on strike demand better working conditions, salary during protest

Fox2, 11/26/22 - Amazon workers go on strike for better working conditions

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WTVO, 11/25/22 - Amazon workers strike across the world on Black Friday

KSDK, 11/25/22 - 'We are not robots' Amazon workers in St. Peters join international picket on Black Friday

Riverfront Times, 11/25/22 - St. Peters Amazon Workers Join Mass Global Walkout to 'Make Amazon Pay'

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Photos: Amazon workers protest for better working conditions, higher pay in St. Peters

KMOV4, 11/25/22 - Amazon workers in St. Peters take part in national strike, demand better working conditions

News Tribune, 11/24/22 - Missouri’s expungement gap leaves people with criminal records

Riverfront Times, 11/24/22 - To ‘Make Amazon Pay,’ St. Peters Fulfillment Center Workers Will Strike

KCUR, 10/6/22 - In just 3 months, Kansas City's right-to-counsel program has helped nearly 400 tenants

KC Star, 10/3/22 - Kansas City wants to prevent homelessness by cutting evictions. Is it working?

KC Beacon, 9/28/22 - Rideshare drivers in Kansas City’s gig market want more protections from companies

STL/S.Ill Labor Tribune, 9/26/22 - Amazon workers at St. Charles fulfillment center ‘march on the boss’ to demand better pay, safer conditions

STLPR, 9/20/22 - Congresswoman Bush proposes new legislation aimed at improving worker safety at warehousesKC Beacon, 9/20/22 - The fight for a living wage in Kansas City no longer stops at $15 an hourKCUR, 9/15/22 - Hundreds of Amazon workers in Missouri speak out for better pay and conditions: 'We were unsafe'

KSDK5, 9/15/22 - Amazon workers in St. Charles County demand 'better pay, safer conditions'

My Journal Courier, 9/14/22 - Watch: Amazon workers in St. Charles, Missouri demand better pay

The Telegraph, 9/14/22 - Area Amazon workers planning demands rally for Wednesday


Fox 2, 9/14/22 - Amazon workers protest taking place in St. Peters Wednesday

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Essence, 9/2/22 - This Chant From A Taco Bell Workers’ Strike Is All You Need Headed Into Labor Day Weekend

KC Star, 9/1/22 - Workers at a Kansas City Taco Bell strike over pay and conditions. Walkout closes store

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Fox 4, 9/1/22 - Taco Bell workers at Kansas City location go on strike

KC Beacon, 8/4/2022 - Despite free bus fare, many workers using RideKC confront obstacles along their commutes

Guardian, 7/3/22 -‘How are we supposed to live?’: fast-food workers squeezed by inflation

Missouri Independent, 7/11/22 - Kansas City’s eviction legal service helps nearly 150 residents in first monthKC Pitch 7/22/22 - In Action: Want to create systemic change? Look at your relationships

KCUR, 6/1/22 - Kansas City is now giving free legal help for eviction cases. Here's what you need to know

KC Star, 6/2/22 - Kansas City just gave low-wage tenants a big boost. It can’t drop the leadership ball

St. Louis Record, 6/3/22 - St. Louis Amazon warehouses confronted with workers seeking higher wages, improved safety measures

St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune, 6/6/22 - Local Amazon workers, community leaders host rally and teach-in for better pay and conditions

Belleville News-Democrat, 5/9/22 - Despite deaths in Edwardsville, Amazon workers say they don’t have tornado protection

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/25/22 - Messenger: Union votes start rolling as St. Louis Starbucks workers join national movement,  

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/25/22 - Hazelwood rally participants push Amazon to raise pay, improve worker safety 

STLPR, 5/26/22 - St. Louis-area Amazon workers say they still don’t have tornado protection, 6 months after deaths

KC Star, 4/7/22 - People’s Climate Town Hall unites activist groups over Kansas City policy shortcomings

KC Star, 4/28/22 - ‘Living wage’ in Kansas City is over $35 in every local county, study reports

KC Star, 3/3/22 - Dozens of Starbucks employees and union supporters protest at Plaza 

The Pitch KC, 3/3/22-  Dozens gather outside Plaza Starbucks to support unionization efforts

KCUR, 3/3/22 - Starbucks workers in the Kansas City area say the coffee chain can't stop their union push

KC Star, 3/3/22 - Employees at KC Starbucks on the Plaza rally Thursday to support unionization efforts

Shawnee Mission Post, 3/4/22 - Overland Park Starbucks workers join in Plaza protest pushing for union

KC Star, 3/19/22 - ‘We all deserve better treatment’: Starbucks employees in Overland Park go on strike

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Belleville News-Democrat, 1/26/22 - Illinois lawmakers will explore statewide standards following Amazon warehouse deaths

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2o21 Press 

Fox 2 Now (St. Louis), 12/17/2021 -  Vigils held for Amazon workers killed in collapse
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/18/2021 -  Photos: Workers' rights groups hold candlelight vigil for Amazon employees
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Riverbender, 12/20/2021 - Vigil Held For Six Who Lost Life In Amazon Warehouse Collapse After Tornado Strike
Edwardsville Patch, 12/20/2021 -  Vigil Held For Edwardsville Tornado Victims
KCUR Up to Date, 12/2/2021 - Kansas City tenants facing eviction would be guaranteed legal help under new ordinance
KMBC, 12/2/2021 - Organizations rally to promote tenants' right to counsel
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Kansas City Star, 12/9/2021 - Right to Counsel and how it could prevent eviction in Kansas City
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KCUR Up To Date, 11/9/2021 - How Racism Costs White People Too
Kansas City Star, 11/16/2021 - In KC panel discussion, group talks race and class divides